HABA Kullerbü combinations: endlessly versatile playing fun


Do balls need a place to park? In Kullerbü they do! But before they "get in" to their ball-convertible and drive into our Kullerbü Play Track Parking Garage, they can first roll over a wide variety of HABA Kullerbü ball tracks.

Because Kullerbü is not just about clicking, inserting and discovering the world, it's also about supplementing and expanding, as well as combining, adding and rebuilding. Our HABA play and ball tracks have lots of different effects, creating plenty of variety when it comes to combination and setup options. Long-lasting ball-track fun? Guaranteed!

We show you specific combination examples with the tracks and sets you'll need.

Kullerbü combinations:

Water march!

Fire alarm! Every second counts. Just as well that the Kullerbü fire brigade is ready for any emergency. The helicopter takes off right away from the Kullerbü Play Track Fire Station, and Fireman Florian quickly rolls to the emergency.

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But how can I combine the various Kullerbü tracks? What Kullerbü accessories are there? In the Kullerbü theme world you can learn all about combining with Kullerbü and find plenty of inspiration!