HABA Spring Novelties 2019


This year the Nuremberg International Toy Fair is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The entire international toy industry is celebrating, and of course so are we.  HABA was one of the first exhibitors at Nuremberg, and once again in 2019 we will be presenting over 250 new products there, including those from Little Friends and Kullerbü ranges. These are only two of our toy categories that have won the hearts of countless children; HABA will continue to expand on these product ranges.

The new Kullerbü products theme is all about the fire department: The large fire station play track inspires children with a variety of play effects and details such as a helicopter landing pad, a ball slide and a vehicle hall with space for fire engines. The fire alarm sound play track adds even more action to the game, including the integrated sound track that creates realistic siren noises or the crackling of fire. Combine the two play tracks with the fire department hammer house theme set for a giant fire department play world that guarantees maximum fun. Another new feature is the battery-powered vehicles, including a fire truck, which can be propelled using powerful 4-wheel drive or manually. 
Even though the vacation and travel season is still a long time away, the Little Friends dolls Colin and Tina are already in the mood for a vacation and, not only do they have their beach gear with them, they also have a great cardboard backdrop for creative role-playing games. With the Play Set Camping Trip, the Little Friends are heading into the great outdoors, and with the Play Set Holiday Trip, which includes a Jeep and a caravan; the Little Friends are spending their vacation in comfort. 
HABA is breaking new ground in the dolls sector with Clea and Elisa. The two play dolls have soft fabric bodies as well as vinyl head and limbs, making them the perfect fit with the popular HABA fabric dolls for toddlers. What distinguishes them is their modern, timeless clothing, and especially their natural, lifelike design. Their bodies are modeled based upon the proportions of a child's body. So children can particularly see themselves in these dolls and let their imagination and creativity run free while they play.
Wood is one of the most beautiful and natural raw materials available. Since the company was founded over 80 years ago, wooden toys have been a natural part of the HABA range. The majority of the wooden toys have been produced at the company headquarters in Bad Rodach. 
Speaking of wooden toys, with the different coloured stones of the 3D game 'Creative Stones', you can create different shapes and patterns. And it goes even further. The three-dimensional stones can create small structures in endless variations! The geometric forms train the spatial imagination and fine motor skills through play.
Of course, there is also a lot of new stuff from the Terra Kids outdoor play and discovery category. The nesting box kit provides birds with a beautiful new home and the insect hotel kit creates a shelter where beneficial flying insects can lay their eggs. Both kits are easily assembled in just a few steps and are recommended by the German Bird Protection Association (Landesbund für Vogelschutz, LBV). Also brand-new are the handy, practical Terra Kids Outdoor manuals. They are informative, contain many fascinating facts and encourage children to get outdoors and discover nature. 
The spring highlight in children's games is Hempel's sofa - the twisty-turny 3D memory game with an XXL game board all about Hugo Hempel and his stuff in his home.  The game has an innovative play mechanism with a rotating drawing compass type figure and is especially exciting as all players share in the excitement with every move. 
Our recommendation for the youngest fans of games from 2 years and older is My Very First Games - At the Doctor’s Office. Among other things, it includes an interactive game story. Self-adhesive, removable bandages and thick, non-slip card pieces that show the usual instruments used in pediatrician's office. The game pieces ensure that being treated at the pediatrician's office can be authentically reproduced in a way that is appropriate for children. 
Further information about our new products for spring can be found in the downloads section of the press release space at www.HABA.de. Image files are also available to download. 


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