HABA takes the stress out of packing - Helps you to prepare for family trips hassle free

Children love spending the day at the beach, outdoor pool or lake. It might be true that parents don't enjoy it much, because there's a lot to do beforehand. What absolutely needs to come? What can stay at home? Most parents will agree that packing, even if it's just for a little trip, can quickly turn into a huge ordeal. Good moods can quickly turn sour as while mom and dad are busy packing and stowing things away, the little ones are whizzing about both impatient and excited.

Distribute tasks and let the kids help

Before everyone gets really annoyed: Take a deep breath! And delegate small, age-appropriate finding or packing tasks. Speak directly to the children - if you call from the kitchen into the children's room, they usually won't hear you (completely). This turns packing from an annoying parental task into a family activity - as everyone wants to participate as a team. The most important thing: If everyone helps, it will be finished faster and the children will not get bored. Even kindergarten children can help by rolling towels, packing bathing suits into bags or stacking plates, cutlery and cups into the picnic basket. Dare the kids to keep the noise down too!


Print the checklist and check things off: So you can be sure that you have everything!

In order to make sure that you don't forget anything for your day at the beach, outdoor pool or at the lake, we've prepared a checklist for you. You can print it out in a flash and check things off. Children who can already read are sure to be happy to help checking things off.

We hope you enjoy your trips to the water, wherever you’re headed!

  • Parasol / Beach tent
  • Towels
  • Swimsuit / Swimming trunks / Bikini
  • Sunscreen / Sunglasses / Sun hat or cap
  • Swim toys / Water wings / Lilo
  • Sand toys (buckets, shovels, sieve)
  • Sandals / Beach shoes
  • Picnic blanket
  • Cooler with drinks / Fruit / Picnic
  • Cups / Plates / Cutlery / Napkins
  • Change of clothes / Layering
  • Band-aids / Small first-aid kit
  • Camera / Camera