Here’s how to make brushing your teeth fun

Tips, tricks and creative ideas

Tooth brushing is one of the really big issues in everyday life with children. In every family, there is one or two phases in which the little ones are not at all excited by a toothbrush, etc., and brushing turns into a daily challenge.

With babies, the first teeth usually break through starting at six months. Before this time, it helps to gently massage the gums if there is any uncomfortable pressure in the oral cavity. As soon as the first teeth can be seen, tooth brushing becomes important. When children have the chance so early to get used to daily oral hygiene, later it will seem quite natural to them.

It is now especially important for parents to make tooth brushing a happy affair. The children will thereby be motivated very early to consistently care for their teeth. Different methods and little tricks can help.

Imitating is fun

Children look up to adults and see them as a model. Parents can very easily take advantage of this and simply brush their teeth with the children. This communicates to the little ones that dental care is part of the daily routine for every family member.

Creative ideas help as well:

  • Who can stand on one leg while brushing their teeth?
  • Brushing each other’s teeth provides variety and fun.
  • Who can sing a funny tooth brushing song?
  • Anyone who gets a story read to them while brushing will be amazed at how quickly two minutes go by!
  • A clever reward system will significantly increase children’s motivation.
  • A change of scene provides variation: What about brushing your teeth in the garden?

Armed to the teeth: Awesome accessories

All parents know the phenomenon: Colorful accessories of favorite characters make once unpopular tasks much easier! It works best when the children themselves can choose and then proudly position their tooth mug in the bathroom. Then the daily coaxing about dental care will be history!

Splish, splash, let the water flow!

Normally we’re standing at the sink when we brush our teeth. But what about combining tooth brushing with bath fun in the tub? Big and little children love to splash around in the bathtub and time flies when there are imaginative water toys around. The two minutes for dental care will hardly be noticeable any longer!