Holiday season is travel season


With these hints and game ideas you are perfectly prepared for long journeys

Even before starting the trip you can let your child take part in the travel preparations. For children, packing their suitcase for the first time is extremely exciting. To help them learn what needs to be brought on vacation in a playful way, you can play the game "I packed my suitcase". In this way, you can make sure that the important items for the holidays end up in the suitcase and that your child enjoys packing.

Games to keep the boredom at bay

Travel games are indispensable for any trip, be it by car, airplane or train. A long journey may be an adventure for children in the beginning, but unfortunately it can also get boring. Therefore, it's good if you have some games in mind that all of you can play together. Here are some suggestions:

Eye Spy:

One player chooses an item inside the car or the surroundings and names its color: "I spy with my little eye, something that is ... (color/adjective)" Now the others have to guess the item. The first to guess right may begin in the next round.

I am looking for a person:

A player thinks of a person (a living person or a figure from a book or a movie) and gives three hints. The others have to guess who is meant. For example: "My person is a tomboy, has two red plaits and makes a lot of nonsense." Answer: "Pippi Longstocking." Whoever guesses right, takes the next turn.
This game also works with animals ... in this case the hints should refer to their color, number of legs, food and so on.

Reading Hands:

A player stretches his hand and closes his eyes. The other player draws pictures onto the other player’s palm with his forefinger. The pictures have to be guessed. This fosters the sense of touch and power of imagination.

Letter Serpent:

Choose a letter. Each player composes a sentence in which all words start with this letter. Here is an example: "Happy horses hop hastily." or "Cow Connie calmly crunches colorful carrots." Who can invent the funniest sentence?

Telling Stories:

One player starts by making up the first sentence of a story. The next player thinks of the second sentence. You continue in this way until the story ends or nobody can think of another sentence.

When you have played all the games or nobody wants to keep playing, the fun does not necessarily have to stop. How about playing hit parade? Everyone can listen to his favorite music alternately. Children will no doubt be interested in learning your favorite song.

Divide the journey into sections by taking breaks


Breaks are very important on long journeys, especially when you travel by car. Make a stop from time to time. Everyone can go to the restroom, move around a bit after sitting for a long time and, most importantly, get some fresh air.

Bearing all these hints and game ideas in mind will make the journey fly by.

Have fun and a very safe journey!