Players bravely navigate the most dangerous place in the land to keep your gemstones safe. Repelling down behind the great Iquazú waterfall, you must skillfully play your cards to place your gamstones in the best spots. Whoever can do this best, will win the game.

The players use their cards to place their gemstones in the rock.


The player who skillfully places their gemstones will score lots of points in the interim scoring rounds thanks to their majorities – but they should never lose sight of the bonus scoring round!


The water is rushing again: the game area moves to the right bit by bit as the game progresses. Gemstones disappear and new bonus tiles appear.


The player who plans ahead and uses smart tactics to score the most points will win the game.

Iquazú – even the name sounds like pure adventure! The game's high-quality features and dynamic game area are captivating: Precious stones disappear as if by magic, and new bonus tiles emerge. A must for all adventure fans!

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Michael Feldkötter, who was born in 1971, has turned his hobby into his job. He is an active hiker and biker, and over ten years ago brought his first original game ideas to life thanks to his love of playing and tinkering. He has now published more than 20 games, which are as varied as life itself. He doesn't want to limit himself to a specific genre. The exciting thing for him as an author is developing a finished game from the initial exciting idea. His most well-known games include “Das verdrehte Labyrinth”, “Shopping Queen” and “Karten-Kniffel”.


Stephanie Böhm was born in 1988 in Dresden. From an early age her aim was to illustrate games, and she briefly studied game and learning aid design in Halle (Saale) where she designed essentially unnecessary things. Eventually she gave up her studies, discovered digital painting and got her first job in the video game industry. A few years later she started working as a freelance illustrator, and has since been working on a variety of games. She currently lives with her partner and their dog in Düsseldorf.