Lady Richmond – Fast fight for inheritance!

There's excitement at the Wetherby auction house. After the unexpected passing of wealthy Lady Richmond, her estate is being auctioned off. The player who keeps an overview of the auction chaos and uses their money carefully will manage to secure the best items and win the turbulent game.


1. The game board slowly fills up

with valuable heirlooms – but also with worthless junk.


2. Be quick:

Grab the auction block at the right moment and make the first bid.


3. But bidding is not everything:

Use the cheat tiles and irritate the other players!


Bid, cheat, and grab the inheritance ... Lady Richmond offers excitement to the very end! The game features high quality game material with 50 silver-colored wooden coins and an embossed auction block.

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The author:


Tim Rogasch was born in Berlin in 1983. After his training as a production model-maker, he studied product design in Hildesheim and game and learning design in Halle (Saale). He now works as a product developer and game editor at HABA in Bad Rodach. A lack of expensive toys and electronic entertainment in his childhood meant that he developed his own games and play worlds at an early age. "Lady Richmond – Fast fight for inheritance!" is his first family game.

The illustrator:

Christian Effenberger lives and works in Munich as a freelance illustrator and animator. He studied communication design in Mainz and since then has been creating animations for film and television, illustrating for agencies, magazines, and books, and drawing comics. Every now and then, he likes to direct short films. He is celebrating his board game premiere with his first assignment for HABA.