Lucky Dice

Dice are rolling fast and furiously around the table. The player who is luckiest with the dice, reacts quickest, and keeps an eye on their opponents will surely win this fast-paced dice rolling game.
Players place their dice next to the ultimate lucky symbol or push them off on to the other players.
The player who gets rid of all their dice first triggers the end of the round and scores a coaster.
The first player to collect three coasters wins the game.

Game rulebook available for download

Fast to explain and quick to get started, there is no time to waste in the new family game Lucky Dice! Each player needs a goodly portion of luck for this fast-paced dice game. Fortunately, the 19 wooden dice already show the symbols for clover, horseshoes and the like.


Andreas Schmidt, trained bank clerk and Business Administration graduate, has been developing his own board games since 2004. In 2009 he founded his own media agency “phantastischer RAUM” with Sabine Schmidt, who was at the time his business partner and is now his wife. For him, games and their development mean diving into new, independent worlds where the focus is on fun. This creates a nice change from everyday life. Andreas Schmidt has already developed more than 20 games and is always in the process of developing something new.


Catherine Unger is a 2D Game Artist / Illustrator based in the sunny town of London. During her 8 years in the games industry, she has contributed concept art, in-game artwork, animations and art direction to numerous award-winning titles for mobile & console. Outside of games, she spends her time working on commissions and personal illustrations – drawing plants, atmospheric landscapes and far too many frogs!