Maisy Marvel and the exploding cough syrup

Outside the sun is shining, lighting up the leaves on the trees surrounding the little witch’s house. Over the last few days, many white star flowers have bloomed among the thick pillows of moss covering the ground. Maisy loves these flowers the best, but right now she is far from happy. She is sitting at the kitchen table, staring holes in the air. Maisy is only at the end of her first year in Witch’s School, but she has already learned so much. She can mix all the basic potions written in the Book of Woods Witchery and with the help of her crystal ball, she can see things that will happen in the near future. At first, she had real trouble flying on her witch’s broom, but in the meantime she can rise up at least three feet off the ground and fly. The other witch pupils also have difficulties now and then, but their teacher Hannahoop is really good at explaining things and helps them wherever she can. But today, just about everything went wrong! “Oh me oh my, ohmeohmy!” Maisy groans and pulls on her hair. “What on earth is the matter?” a tiny voice asks. A little spider scurries down her thread hanging from the kitchen lamp and swings back and forth in front of Maisy’s face. “It was horrible, absolutely terrible!” Maisy told her little friend. “When the school’s principal, High Witch Munchhunch came into our class today to see what we have learned, I got really nervous. The crystal ball slipped out of my hands and rolled over the floor. Then I completely forget the ingredients for the Warts Away Tincture, and to finish off the disaster, my cough syrup exploded in the cauldron!” “What?” spider Sima shrieks, “how did that happen?” Maisy moaned, “I really don’t know. I must have grabbed the dangerous witch powder toxicmoxic instead of thyme from the shelf, even though we witch pupils aren’t allowed to even touch the toxicmoxic jar. I just don’t understand it. But just as High Witch Munchhunch was looking in the cauldron the mixture began to bubble and boil…and then there was a loud bang and the High Witch was covered from head to toe in green slime.” “Really?” Sima asks. “Yes, really,” Maisy replies. “It’s all so horribly embarrassing,” she says and pulls on her hair again, which is now standing on end and full of tangles. “And what did Munchhunch say? Or your teacher Hannahoop?” Sima wants to know. “I have no idea! I just ran away and came directly home,” Maisy answered, sniffling. “Oh my goodness!” the little spider cried. “You didn’t apologize?” Maisy shook her head. “Well, well, well, that’s a fine mess you’ve made!” Sima berates the witch pupil. “I know,” Maisy tells her, “but I don’t dare go back. I’ll probably get so many extra exercises as punishment, that I won’t know where to begin!”
“All the same, you still have to apologize,” Sima tells her firmly. “I’ll come with you and give you moral support. You can do it!” her friend offers. Maisy sighs deeply, but she stands up and puts on her witch’s hat and ties on her witch’s cape. “Yes, you’re right. Come sit on my shoulder, Sima, then I can be brave.” So the two friends leave the little witch’s house and make their way back to the Witch’s School. When they arrive, the witch pupil knocks hesitantly on the principal’s door, carefully pushes down the handle and looks in the room. High Witch Munchhunch and the teacher Hannahoop are sitting together. Maisy’s heart drops to the hem of her witch’s dress. “Did you wish to speak to us?” the High Witch asks. The little witch pupil nods nervously and stammers, “Well, I…um…wanted to…hmm…apologize, well…I’m so sorry that the cough syrup…” Maisy falls silent and turns bright red. She cannot speak. “Oh, little witch pupil, that’s not so bad!” Munchhunch says soothingly. “You should know, that when we were pupils, we had all kinds of accidents, too.” “How true!” Hannahoop confirms and recalls, “I once slid off my broom and my teacher had to rescue me at the top of a high pine tree.” “And once, one of my potions exploded, too!” Munchhunch added. “Really?” Maisy asks, already feeling much better. “It was during my witch teacher’s exams. I forgot to regulate the temperature under my cauldron, and few minutes later, my potion blew up in a stinking blue cloud. My goodness, I stank horribly for days afterwards,” Munchhunch relates. “I count my lucky stars that your cough syrup wasn’t stinky, but only green and slimy. You have to promise me though, that you’ll pay better attention when mixing your ingredients in the future,” the High Witch added, smiling at Maisy. “I’m glad you had the courage to come back and apologize. Not everything can go right all the time, but you should be able to admit your mistakes and learn from them,” Hannahoop says to her witch pupil. “You see?” Sima whispers in her friend’s ear. Maisy nodded and says good-bye with a much lighter heart. “What a crazy day at school!” she says to Sima outside. “I really need a big cup of chamomile tea now!” “Maybe you need glasses if you can’t read the labels on the jars properly,” the little spider suggested. “That won’t be necessary. I just need to pay better attention next time,” says Maisy, walking with her friend on her shoulder into the Witch’s Woods. “Because I can see those beautiful star flowers over there perfectly clearly!” she says laughing.