Meduris – The Call of the Gods

Following the call of the gods, the players strike out to settle at the foot of Mount Meduris. They build huts, present offerings to the druid, collect valuable rune stones and construct monumental temples – this is the only way players can increase their favor with the gods.

1. Skillful use

of the workers lets you obtain valuable materials. These are needed to build huts and temples.


2. The larger the settlement,

the more expensive it is to build a hut there. But if you can get in the good graces of the druid by presenting an offering, then your effort pays off.


3. Keep an eye on the other players:

Who will secure the best building sites at the right time, and collect the most valuable rune stones?


4. Only a player who skillfully places their huts and temples,

and keeps enough materials ready for the big final round of offerings, will win the game.

Meduris – the Call of the Gods presents a variety of challenges for all strategists and offers excitement up to the grand finale. The multifaceted and elaborate game material, magically designed by renowned illustrator Miguel Coimbra, turns Meduris into a captivating game.

Downloadable Game Instructions

Meduris add-on 2016

The authors:

Ralf zur Linde, born in 1969, released his first board game in the early 90s, and in the following years dedicated himself more and more to the digital implementation of his ideas. He developed the learning software "Lernwerkstatt" (Learning Workshop), for which he received the German educational software prize. At the same time he also continued to come up with successful board games, often in cooperation with other authors, for example "Finca" and "Eselsbrücke", which were both nominated for Spiel des Jahres (game of the year). Zur Linde has been living on Mallorca for a number of years, and at times on a small private island in the Indian Ocean.
Stefan Dorra lives with his family near Hannover. He works as a speech therapist at a special school. He has also been passionate for many years about developing games in his free time. He has already released over 50 card and board games, of which many have received awards. Ralf zur Linde and Stefan Dorra developed the game "Meduris" together in northern Germany and on the island of Mallorca. The authors had a lot of fun working together on the game.

The illustrator:

Miguel Coimbra, born in 1977, grew up as the son of Portuguese parents in France. His love of painting developed as a child. His passion for games and imaginative fantasy worlds was then later awakened with "Magic the Gathering". But it was only once he discovered the possibilities of digital painting that he started working as a graphic designer and video game artist, before finally ending up as a freelance illustrator. Since then he has illustrated numerous successful games, e.g. "7 Wonders" and "Small World". He likes playing games in his spare time, especially card games.