New HABA items of Fall 2018


This year, we have many reasons to celebrate at HABA – and we’re not just talking about the 80th anniversary of the company. It is also because we have received a very special award: Dragon’s Breath, our exciting collecting game launched last year, was named as “Kinderspiel des Jahres 2018” (2018 Children’s Game of the Year).

Furthermore the Kullerbü Play Track Parking Garage, which is part of  HABA’s large, adaptable and expandable Kullerbü ball track and play track world for children aged 2 to 8 has won the “2018 Toy Award” and has also been nominated as a “Top 10 toy”. 

Our hand puppets are multiplying as well. Raven Theo of the HABA classic game Orchard comes alive, flutters through the children’s room, and provides lots of laughter! 

Mountains is the latest in the successful series of HABA family games. The high degree of interaction of this game ensures lively contests. With a little luck, a good memory and the occasional helping hand from an opponent, players can master the different routes and collect the most summit stamps.

Luxantis is a game highLIGHT in the truest sense of the word. In this collaborative memory game, players must try to keep the shadowy beings away from Castle Luxantis with the help of enchanted objects from the Lightwood Labyrinth. But with the interactive LED board and roll of the dice, every round of the game can take an unexpected turn. 

Further new items, more information and image data can be found in the download area.


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