Nightlight Star Galaxy helps children fall asleep

Day after day, children experience new things in their environment and make countless new discoveries. No wonder that they are often overexcited and fussy when it’s time for their afternoon nap or to go to bed in the evenings. And many children become fearful when mommy or daddy leave the room and turn off the light after a nighty-night kiss, or when they wake up and everything is dark. What can you do to chase away the dream monsters lurking under the bed? Children’s lamps, best of all nightlights, help with their comforting glow in harmonic colors and gentle lullaby melodies. The ingenious nightlight Star Galaxy provides all of this. Parents can choose between three classical lullabies, four especially composed melodies and three ambient sounds.


  1. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  2. Little Dream Fairy
  3. Cradle Song
  4. Good Night, Dear Sun
  5. Wake Up, Dear Moon
  6. Can You Count the Stars?
  7. Lullaby and Good Night
  8. Ocean Evening Magic
  9. The Cricket Concert
  10. Journey through the Underwater World

Interesting and practical functions

Nightlight Star Galaxy is enthusiastically received not only because of its unusual design, harmonically changing colors and gentle melodies. Its user-friendly simplicity is also applauded. There are 5 different volume levels. The melodies can be played consecutively or your child’s favorite lullaby can be played continuously, gently fading out automatically after 15 minutes. Another especially practical feature is the glowing control button print, making it easy to activate in the dark. After 30 minutes, the light automatically switches off, saving batteries and without waking your little one.


Control buttons

Light button: turns light on and off
Sound button: turns music on and off or pauses it (pause function)
Select button: select from 7 melodies and 3 sounds
Volume button: select from 5 volume levels
Song button: all 7 melodies are played consecutively