Packed, shipped, and then reused! Crafting with shipping cartons

You just ordered a HABA product; so now you are patiently anticipating its arrival.  Now HABA has given you a reason to not only look forward to receiving the toy but also the carton it comes in! Why? Let us share our thoughts ...

Sustainable, Creative, HABA


At HABA, creative and environmentally friendly use of resources is something that’s close to our heart. Did you know, for example, that when it comes to our wooden toys it’s important to us that the wood used comes from sustainable forestry? In addition, we continuously optimize our production conditions, use environmentally friendly processes, and improve the technologies used.

This focus on sustainability doesn’t end when a product leaves our factory. After all, even though shipping cartons are a necessity that doesn’t mean that they should just be thrown away when they reach you! Your carton can do more! The often large and always robust sides are perfect for crafting with children.

Do It Yourself: Crafting with Cartons


Crafting encourages creativity in children. They can enjoy hours of entertainment with snippets of paper, glue etc. What's so special about crafting with shipping cartons? Seeing what cool (play) things can be made from items that originally had a completely different purpose!

This is why we would like to present you with exciting and unusual crafting ideas that you and your children can create from shipping cartons. Long-term playing fun is guaranteed here as well as with the HABA products!

What about a spin cycle for the doll’s clothes in our “washing machine”?

Do you have a different idea? Fantastic! We’re glad that our suggestions  may have stimulated your imagination.

Looking for Cool Decorating Ideas?

It’s not just about the sustainability aspect, re-purposed cartons also look great. To top off the creative ideas you can refine your washing machine, golf course, shelves or own craft idea even more with a few more details. Decorations let you create completely individual artworks that invite children to play. We have put together a selection of decorating ideas. Let yourself be inspired!

Time for a spin! Turn a shipping carton into a washing machine in just a few steps.

Make your minigolf course a real highlight!