Photo treasure hunt with "Find the Code" –creative tips and documents

Treasure hunters inside and outside on photo treasure hunt

This version of the game is suitable where a long playing time is scheduled. Especially in good weather, holding the treasure hunt outside in the garden, park or forest is a particularly enjoyable experience because it is even more exciting. The photo treasure hunt is tremendous fun and cleverly directs the energy of a wild birthday bunch. It is also a good idea to have help organizing, preparing and carrying out this kind of treasure hunt.

9 easy steps to the perfect photo treasure hunt

  1. Aside from the contents of "Find the Code", you will also additionally need a camera or mobile phone, a printer and 9 envelopes or small bags.
  2. Define an area where the treasure hunt is to take place (e.g. in the house, the garden, the playground etc.)
  3. Take shots of 9 places or objects in the chosen area and print them out as photos.
  4. Think about the order in which the adventurers should find the spots.
  5. Put the photo of the first place together with the selected puzzle card and the character into the "Find the Code" puzzle box.
  6. You then put the remaining photos together with a puzzle piece in an envelope. Look out: In the ninth envelope, there is just one piece of the puzzle and no photo.
  7. At each location you hide an envelope with a photo of the next location. Example: There is a photograph of the doormat in the puzzle box next to the puzzle card and the play figure. There is an envelope under the doormat with the first piece of the puzzle and a photograph of the shoe cabinet. In the shoe cabinet there is an envelope with the second piece of the puzzle and a photograph of the bathtub, ...
  8. Read the children the exciting story in the instructions to get them into the mood or think up a new story. Then hand over the locked treasure chest and puzzle box to the children.
  9. Introduce the photo treasure hunt with these words: "First go and look for the place shown in the picture in the puzzle box. There you will find another photo and one of the puzzle pieces. Follow this photo, too. You'll gradually find all 9 pieces of the puzzle."

Did you find the treasure? Quickly crack the code!

Once the treasure hunters have found the treasure chest with the puzzle box, including all puzzle pieces, they can assemble them into a treasure map. Then you must solve the puzzles of the puzzle cards, place the play figure accordingly and find out the code for the combination lock, turn by turn. The game manual explains exactly how this works and what you must pay attention to. If the code in the combination lock is correct, the padlock hasp can be opened. If the padlock hasp cannot be opened, the puzzles will have to be solved once again.

Creative tips for treasure hunters


The treasure hunt can be individually designed and varied in a flexible way. Instead of using photographs, steps, GPS points and points of the compass can also be indicated, which the children can then track using a GPS or a compass. Just like in a classic scavenger hunt, arrows, scraps and other hints can also be laid out. It is not just fun during Carnival time for birthday guests to dress up and make up to fit the treasure hunt, e.g. as pirates. The whole party and the treasure hunt can be can be done in dress-up! With the right accessories you can create an impressive decoration in no time at all. This makes the treasure hunt even more exciting, adventurous and lively. Role-playing allows the treasure hunters to let their imagination run wild as they immerse themselves in their imaginary world. As a souvenir of the treasure hunt, everyone receives a certificate as well as their gift. Simply use the HABA Find the Code document templates: