Everyone is an artist! In Picassimo, the markers will be cheerfully brandished and true masterworks created by exchanging individual sections. But wait a minute! Is that supposed to be a goblin? Or rather a chicken? The player who can draw well and also keep one step ahead by guessing correctly, collects the most points and wins the game!


1. All the players draw at the same time.

Each player secretly chooses a term from their card and draws it on their erasable drawing board.


2. Is everyone ready?

Then a transformation card is turned up. It will show which sections of each artwork are to be exchanged.


3. Picassimo!

Who can recognize what the other players have drawn?


Picassimo is especially varied, as it contains 150 cards with 900 terms in 3 levels of difficulty – from easy to tricky. Players decide for themselves what term is drawn. Amusing fun for up to 6 players!

Downloadable Game Instructions


The author:


Carlo A. Rossi, born in 1968, has loved playing board games since childhood. He has always wanted to find out how good board games work. So it is not surprising that since then he has been inventing his own children’s games, party games, and adult games. He prefers to leave the arduous invention of complicated strategy games to other game authors. Various publishing companies have published over 20 of his games since 2006. He often organizes game evenings with friends. He can never get enough of games, and his game collection is continually expanding. 

The illustrator:


Christian Fiore, born in 1975, is a graphic designer and managing director of the Fiore design company in the Rhine-Hessian town of Schwabsburg. He has graphically designed with his team both his own games as well as the games of numerous other game authors, thus combining his hobbies, profession, and passion. The joy of creative work and the goal of conveying to the player his enthusiasm for the subject matter of the design are especially important to him. “Joy, fun, and good times with friends are for me a game that is analogous to an indispensable social connection in a time of ever accessible mobile isolation.”