Practical HABA accessories for a trip with the children


Whether you're going on a day trip to the lake, outdoor pool or a trip down south ... If you are traveling with children, you know how time-consuming and nerve-wracking preparations for it can be. Clothing, food, toys – there’s a lot to remember when packing for a trip and no one wants to risk forgetting something important. Otherwise tears can quickly flow and good moods will disappear. The first bag is stuffed to the brim, then the second and the third, and soon enough the car looks like a mini moving van. Perhaps our checklist will help you prepare for your next family vacation.

Relaxed on the road and in a good mood on the way to your destination

Once the difficult packing stage is over, it's time for the second stage: The journey to the destination can often feel endless and super boring for children. Of course there are also children who are fond of traveling, but also want to be entertained with picture books, children's CDs, magnetic games and coloring books. In order to make sure chaos doesn't take over in the car, this practical auto organizer makes sure that toys are easy to reach, but can be stowed away too. There is also space for a water bottle and a lunchbox, because we know that the hunger strikes twice as fast when traveling than when at home.


Guessing games are fun and enhance bonding

Funny guessing games like "I spy with my little eye" or "I'm looking for an animal" are a lot of fun to play and can make the traveling time pass by more quickly. Also, "collecting" games such as spotting red or blue cars, campers or trucks is a fun game and keeps the little ones happy. At the same time, games make it easy to laugh about things together, discover exciting new things, and enhance family bonding. If they get tired after all of the exciting games, then maybe it's time for a nap. The cuddly soft neck cushion and belt pads ensure that children can sleep on the go, without their head swaying from side to side, and the seatbelt pressing on their neck.


Arrive and enjoy time together

Once you have arrived at your destination, the kids can't wait to get to the beach, lake or outdoor pool. To make sure that the parents aren't stuck carrying everything, it's a smart idea to divide everything into different bags. If you put swimsuits and toys into handy children's backpacks, then they can carry these by themselves. And what child wouldn't want to take a stroll around the resort or swimming pool with their very own kid's trolley? Little ones love being treated like bigger kids... and so many of these practical HABA accessories make this possible.