Present giving made easy!


Valuable tips to make bringing joy easier

The next child's birthday is coming up and you have no idea what to give as a present? Don't worry; you are not the only one. First of all some important tips: It is better to buy a few high quality gifts rather than buying an excessive amount of cheap ones. In addition, the main focus when giving presents should be the joy and fun the child will have with the gift.

Is the gift appropriate for the age of the child?

The age indication given on books or games should to be taken into consideration. Buy a present that suits the age of the child. That is the only way to make sure that the pictures, vocabulary and game rules will challenge and foster the children in an appropriate manner ... allowing them to get started immediately and enjoy their present for a long time.


Which amount of gifts is adequate for children?

Educators suggest bearing in mind the quantity of presents. With small children, six or seven presents at a time are not recommended as being given too many gifts at once overwhelms the little ones. Our tip: Split up the unwrapping of the presents. For example, the children may open two presents before breakfast and then when they come home from kindergarten. Or before having some of the birthday cake and after ... there are many possibilities.

It is not possible to fulfill every single wish

Older children, in particular, have to learn that not every wish can be fulfilled. Try not to raise false expectations in advance! Children usually wish for an endless number of different toys. To make all those wishes come true requires a lot of money and, to tell the truth, not everyone can afford that. Often a little something with a high fun factor, or an excursion to the water-park or zoo, are more valuable than big items which end up being ignored after a short time

HABA Gift ideas

Setting a topic for presents that can then be continued with on other occasions is usually a pretty good idea. For girls, such a topic might be dolls. First give a doll as a present and then buy different sets of clothes and accessories. It is basically the same with a toyshop set. Start with giving them the basic set to which can add more expansion pack. In this way, you can vary between bigger or smaller gifts, whichever suits each occasion.


If the gift is going to be larger and more expensive, the whole family can make that present together. For example, various relatives can jointly give in-line skates or a bicycle as a present or contribute accessories like a helmet, or knee and elbow pads. Many small things then become one big present.

The HABA Bring along games are just the right thing for many occasions (children's birthday invitations, Easter basket, Christmas stocking). The games in the little colorful boxes offer a lot of fun for young and old. They sometimes require dexterity, speed or good memory skills ... in this way everyone can demonstrate their abilities. A further bonus: They fit into every backpack and can easily be taken along wherever you go.

Practical gifts are also well received. Maybe your children have a cuddlekin or toy they like bringing along just about anywhere? In this case, a nice bag or small backpack would be suitable. There, favorite items are well stored, nothing might get lost and the little ones can feel like grown ups. To boys, the spirit of adventure is very important. So how about a key ring with a magnifying glass or mini binoculars? With those items, little explorers can have a closer look at nature wherever they are. A crafting kit from the Terra Kids series is also always a lot of fun.