Reusing shipping cartons – shelf for the HABA toy shop or the HABA children's kitchen

Our DIY shelf is a real treat for the eyes!


What you will need:

  • a cardboard box of any size
  • scissors
  • art knife
  • liquid glue
  • pencil
  • colored pencils or felt pens for coloring in
  • possibly edging and stickers for decoration 
  • two empty toilet paper rolls 
  • HABA shelf template download

1. Take a box of your choice and pick a side that has no existing openings or cuts.


2. First print out the templates for the shelf available on 


3. Decorate the templates as you wish.


4. In the next step, cut templates 1-3 along the dotted lines and stick these to the cardboard box. 


5. Then cut out template 4 and stick this to the toilet paper roll.


6. Wait 10 minutes until the glue on the cardboard box and the toilet paper roll has dried completely before continuing.


7. Cut out the templates stuck on to the cardboard box.


8. Then stick the parts together to build the shelf.


9. If desired, the shelf can then also be decorated with fabric edging or stickers.

We hope you have fun crafting and playing!

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