Secondary use for packaging: A washing machine for doll’s clothing

Doing the washing has never been so much fun before, thanks to our DIY washing machine!

What you will need:

  • a cardboard box of any size
  • scissors
  • sticky tape
  • glue stick
  • pencil
  • art knife
  • assortment of colored felt pens and/or stickers
  • empty yogurt cups, wooden blocks and the like for knobs and switches
  • HABA washing machine template (download)

1. Select a suitable cardboard box and identify the side or face that has no existing openings or cuts.


2. First, seal all open sides/faces of the cardboard box with packing tape.


3. Print the template (downloadable from and cut out the decorative elements. These can be stuck onto the box to make your DIY washing machine. There are many different combinations possible. Let your imagination run free!


4. Now the washing machine door can be traced out (see image). Make sure that door has a sufficiently wide rim to reduce risk of tearing. Again, you can decide on the precise position, size and shape to suit yourself.


5. Carefully cut around the inside of the door with an art knife.


6. Next, cut the outer edge of the door.


7. Gently fold back the door to create a crease where its hinges would be.


8. The printed materials can now be glued to the "machine" as desired. The visual showing the drum half-filled with water can also be attached behind the door opening (see image).


9. This is where the really creative part comes in. Whether it's empty yogurt pots, old wooden blocks or bottle caps, anything that is surplus to requirements can now be recycled as knobs and switches.


10. In our example, we opted for three circular wooden blocks as knobs and an empty yogurt pot as a switch. For this switch, we cut a small hole the size of the yogurt pot in the upper right corner of the machine, stuck the pot through from the inside and taped it in place.


11. Depending on personal preference, the washing machine can also be painted in bright colors and embellished with stickers.

We hope you enjoy this immensely creative activity.

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