Story: Hanna Honeybee in Trouble

Hanna the little bee was very proud of herself. After she busily built honeycombs recently in the beehive and taken care of the baby bees, she successfully advanced to becoming a forager bee. Finally! Now she was Hanna Honeybee. And she was already really excited, because today she could leave the beehive for the first time and go in search of colorful flowers. Hanna crawled forward with the other foragers for honey. A little while later, she was standing on the small platform in front of the beehive. She looked around. She reached out and stretched her wings into the sun and got herself ready to start. One of her co-workers was just coming back from a flight. She landed next to Hanna and began to dance. In this way she was showing all the other honey foragers the way to the nearest source of food. Hanna now understood in which direction she had to fly. “Hooray, finally I get to go,” Hanna cried. Sailing through the air felt wonderful.

A little later she had already reached the beautiful garden that her co-worker had told her about. She headed for a bush in bloom. Hanna flew from flower to flower, collected the sweet nectar, and conscientiously packed the flower pollen onto her hind legs. On her first flight mission, Hanna wanted of course to do everything correctly. But ... what was that? She suddenly felt a sharp draft and saw a giant hand coming toward her. Hanna tried to get to safety, but she no longer managed to fly away quickly enough. She was struck by the hand and hurled to the ground. Fortunately the grass was soft and eased the impact. “Uh oh, I’m really dizzy,” Hanna groaned as she tried to get oriented. Yet she barely had enough time to catch her breath because she had landed right next to a large shoe in the grass. As quick as she could, she got up again and crawled away. “Just get out of here!” she murmured and hid in the shadow of a large clay pot to first recover a little from her fright. “That’s certainly the human monsters that the other forager bees warned me about,” Hanna said, as she glanced carefully in the direction of the large foot. Fortunately it had departed – in the other direction!

Hanna still was somewhat afraid. She would have liked most of all to fly back to the beehive! But then she took another deep breath and mustered all of her bee courage. She tested her four wings and checked her six legs – there was nothing broken. She was fortunate again! Before the person with the big feet returned, Hanna had quickly flown away. She was still a little confused and didn’t really know exactly in which direction she should now look for new flowers. Then she smelled a nice flower scent and followed it until she found a splendid bed of wildflowers. “Oh, how nice,” Hanna rejoiced. “Here there are flowers that are a lot larger and more beautiful than in the other garden. And they are full to the brim with nectar!” She began to collect more diligently than before – after all, she had already lost quite a bit of time. The other foragers were certainly waiting for her! “Phew, now I’ve collected enough pollen,” Hanna murmured. “I must get back now to the beehive and deliver the nectar.” When she arrived, she showed her co-workers which direction they had to fly to get to the garden with the beautiful flowers. And she also warned the others right away about the mean person with the big shoes and hands! When, after a short breather, Hanna Honeybee arrived back again at the bed of wildflowers, she noticed two large shadows. “Uh oh, not again,” she screamed as loud as she could and pulled in her wings. She was already prepared for landing on the ground after being hit. But when nothing happened after a few seconds, she looked more closely. Hanna was surprised. The two people were busily occupied with watering the flowers and pulling weeds. Neither of them tried to chase her away. “There are also nice people after all who like us bees,” Hanna murmured relieved as she set to work. She flew diligently from flower to flower and collected pollen – as a busy honeybee should.

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