Story: Unicorn Glitterluck and the Garden of Dreams

It is very late in the evening. The moon is shimmering through the branches of the giant cherry tree in the cloud garden. Night has fallen, but one window in Cloud Castle still sheds a bright light on the park outside. This is Bunny Finni’s room, the bunny with magical wings. “I’m not tired at all! I don’t want to go to sleep!” he murmurs over and over, stroking his long ears as he sits in his bed. A huge yawn escapes him, his eyes grow heavy and soon he is sound asleep. But in the middle of the night, Finni suddenly sits up in his bed and begins to cry. What an awful dream!

The door opens immediately and unicorn girl Marvel Flower comes into the room. “What is wrong?” she asks the little bunny. “I had a horrible dream!” Finni snivels, wiping the tears from his eyes. Marvel Flower sits down next to his bed, gently blowing on his hot cheeks. “It will go away” she says soothing-ly. “No, it won’t!” Finni wails loudly.

Now the other unicorns Stardust, Magic Swirl and Glitterluck are standing in the doorway. “What’s going on?” Stardust asks in the middle of a yawn. “Fin-ni had a bad dream,” Marvel Flower explains. “Yesterday night, too! And the night before! All week I have been dreaming such strange things,” Finni complains.

The unicorns come into the room. “Oh dear!” Stardust says, sitting down on the other side of Finni’s bed. “Come, lay back down and I’ll sing you a happy song.” “And I will conjure up gently shimmering stars on the ceiling with my magic horn,” Magic Swirl offers. And right away, her horn begins to sparkle. “I’ll be right back with a hot water bottle, that always helps,” says Marvel Flower, trotting to the door. But where has Glitterluck gone? The four friends look around in amazement, but the pink unicorn girl is nowhere to be seen. Marvel Flower shakes her head. Surely Glitterluck has had one of her crazy ideas!

And right she is! While Stardust is singing the fifth song in a row, Glitterluck comes in with a sack on her back. Finni is snuggled down in his cushion, holding the hot water bottle close. “Where were you?” Magic Swirl asks. Her horn is glowing in soft turquoise tones, gently illuminating the room. “I gal-loped to the end of the big rainbow,” Glitterluck pants, “to the Garden of Dreams. I caught a few especially happy dream bubbles for Finni.” “Oh, that’s wonderful!” Marvel Flower exclaims, “A truly excellent idea! The flow-ers growing in the Garden of Dreams blow soap bubbles filled with sweet dreams. The bubbles float off and bring happy dreams to everyone sleep-ing.” Stardust nods, “Yes, but since Finni’s window is firmly shut, the dream bubbles could not get in.” She walks over to the window and opens it a crack.

Glitterluck carefully places the sack of dream bubbles on Finni’s bed and opens the ribbon, “So, Finni, now everything will be fine. Look, the first dream bubbles are floating out of the sack. Now you can sleep peacefully.” The little bunny sighs and closes his eyes. “You are the best friends in the world!” he says sleepily, and with a happy smile on his lips falls fast asleep.

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