The best St. Nicholas Day gifts for every child


Fill up your boot now and get ready for St. Nicholas

There is only one evening in the whole year when children willingly and diligently shine their shoes: December 5, the night before St. Nicholas Day! Only then does boot polishing turn from an otherwise unpopular chore into great fun. Because even the youngest children know: that night St. Nicholas will come to their home and fill their shoes with all sorts of lovely surprises, nuts, and mandarins. As different as the legends and customs surrounding St. Nicholas Day are: the joy children feel about the small gifts in the morning is huge everywhere! Be inspired and find the perfect St. Nicholas Day gift for every child. Have fun browsing!

The perfect gift for every boot

The whole Advent season is full of secrets, preparations, and surprises. The small gifts on the morning of St. Nicholas Day are among the most wonderful traditions at this magical time! Whether it’s a new figure from the colorful world of the Little Friends, a new arranging game, or the HABA classic The Orchard.

Our gift ideas: