The big children’s birthday party countdown


Make preparations for a children’s birthday party can be child’s play


For many children, their birthday party is the best day of the year. Admittedly, not all adults look forward to this special day with the same amount of enthusiasm. After all, a celebration with so many children can end up being a little chaotic. But with the right preparation everything can go smoothly and the birthday party can be child’s play for parents too.

Our tip: Ask for help from adult friends and family on the day of the celebration. Everything is easier if there’s two or three adults, and there will be less stress when, all at the same time, the cake needs to be cut, juice poured, hands washed, jackets zipped up and games explained. Plus, if things don’t go as planned then you have someone to laugh about it with.

Children’s birthday party: From which age?

The classic children’s birthday is generally not celebrated for the littlest ones. While you can naturally already invite friends and family for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthdays, in general the 4th birthday is the first time that children consciously spend their big day with friends of their own choosing. After all, this is the age at which their little guests can spend a few hours with their friends, and without their parents. And last but not least, four year old birthday boys and girls are old enough to help with the planning the birthday party.

Celebrating a children’s birthday party: How, where, when and with whom?


How many guests are coming, who is invited and where will the party take place? It helps both the child and the parents if these questions are answered early on. A rule of thumb that many parents use is that the child can invite one child for each candle on the cake (and maybe one more as an extra treat). This creates a clear framework and helps children limit their guest selection. Naturally the children should decide for themselves who they want to celebrate with. Whether the party is held in the living room, the garden, a playground or a special venue is mostly dependent on the time of year and the planned budget.

To avoid working around parents’ working hours and children’s schedules, many families like to celebrate on the weekend. To make sure that all the invited guests can come, it is recommended that the children’s birthday party invitations are distributed three, or at least two, weeks in advance.

Plan a children’s birthday party with a theme: From the invitation to table decorations


Is your child a huge fan of the fire brigade, does it like to play farmyards, or does it love fairies and other magical creatures? Then a theme for your celebration might be perfect. Here are some suggestions we’ve put together of hot ideas for a fire brigade-themed birthday party. Or does your birthday boy or girl love animals? Then be inspired by our wildly good tips for a farmyard-themed children’s birthday party. Start with the invitations: For some themes there are special children’s birthday party invitation templates, which can help with the design. The most important information is the date, time and address. A phone number with a request to confirm attendance also helps you with organization. Select a template and design the invitations with your children. This gets them excited about the big day and is also a good opportunity to discuss other details.

Party bag fillers: Small but cool reminders of a fun party


Then there’s the question of party bag fillers. The host gifting their friends a small present at the end of the children’s birthday party has become a popular tradition. It can be something that the children were given or won during the party, something they made together, or simply a small item that all children like such as a bouncy ball, stickers, a small book, a pen, a coloring picture or some craft instructions. Or the sweet loot from a treasure hunt, a self-made party crown, a beautiful glitter tumbler or small items from popular ranges such as Kullerbü or Little Friends – something that the children can take home, that everyone likes and that serves as the crowning glory of a successful children’s birthday party. Then all you need to do is clean up and relax.


Like any big celebration, there is a lot to plan, organize and buy before a children’s birthday party. We’ve made a small checklist for you, so that nothing is forgotten on the big day. You can print it out in a flash and check things off.