The Key – Murder at the Oakdale Club


A dramatic series of murders has shocked the Oakdale Golf Club – three people were killed! The players start their investigations and examine clues about the perpetrators, times of the crimes, murder weapons, crime scenes and getaway vehicles. They need to generate the right number code to put the perpetrators behind bars. In the end, it’s not necessarily the fastest investigator who wins the game, but the most efficient one. 


Everyone searches for clues at the same time. The players decide which witness statements and lab results they want to use for their investigations.


Players study their findings and cleverly combine clues such as DNA traces, lost watches, and statements about alibis and getaway vehicles.


The goal is to solve the case as quickly and efficiently as possible, and put the perpetrators behind bars using the right number code.

Game rulebook available for download

In this simultaneous deduction board game you need to find the correct lock to insert the key and win! A unique solution check with ingenious mechanisms impresses even the most advanced investigators. Because the paths to arresting the perpetrators is new every time, the game can be played over and over again!



Thomas Sing, born in 1961, lives in Konstanz on Lake Constance. The qualified economist operates a large kiosk there with friends. This gives him enough time for his hobbies: Mathematics, reading detective novels and naturally also developing games. In his school days, Thomas Sing was a Parcheesi world record holder and even made his way into the Guinness Book of Records.



Timo Grubing, born 1981, studied illustration at the Münster University of Applied Sciences, and since graduating in 2007 has moved back to his birth city of Bochum. As a freelance illustrator he has worked in a variety of fields: he illustrates children's books, school books and games, and regularly works for magazines and agencies.