Threading games from HABA Develop dexterity and fine motor skills!


What do a rocket, a crocodile and a caterpillar have in common? With the HABA threading games, various animals and figures can be created piece by piece. The threaded figures quickly become favorite play companions for children! And our threading games can do even more.


From what age are threading games suitable for children?

There are cute threading figures and large colorful beads available for children from 18 months to start exploring the world of HABA threading games. After the first successful threading attempts and lots of fun practice, there are more complex variants and techniques for children from 3 years. Threading games are the perfect companions for toddlers as they discover, develop and expand their motor skills.

What types of threading games are available?


Threading games are versatile! The colorful pieces and beads of all sizes can be sorted, arranged in rows or threaded randomly onto the string. One thing is certain – all threading games are also perfect for free play. Children can be as creative as they want, making funny shapes and original designs. Our HABA threading game range is aimed at the various needs of children in different age groups.


Threading games with suggestions for children ages 1.5-2 years and older

Threading according to suggestions is a lot of fun! Sometimes it’s obvious how the threading pieces should be arranged – for example if they are printed with the Numbers 1 to 10 the order is given. Pieces in a variety of colors can create a harmonious color progression when threaded together correctly – just like a rainbow! Other threading elements can be put together to create cool figures or animals. When threading according to a suggestion card, children can create exactly what is on the card. Small play stories and observation tasks round off the playing fun.


Threading games with a specific motto for children ages 3 years and older

A string and many colorful threading pieces is all it takes to entertain the little ones! Lots of exciting themes and motifs can be created with the colorful and beautifully shaped threading elements, for example a little luck, flowers or a trip through The Orchard. The individual beads or pieces create a cool pattern when threaded together and children can come up with exciting stories.


Threading games with wooden or cardboard base for children 3 years and older

Some threading elements can be threaded onto lovingly designed wooden figures and cardboard bases as well as just on string. This action creates much more than just decorative accessories! Children guide the threading string through pre-cut holes, decorate the threading base artistically and creatively, and bring it to life.

Incidentally, HABA threading games are perfect for travel! The pieces are easy to transport and provide playing fun everywhere.

Which skills do threading games develop?


Threading is not only a lot of fun for children; it also prepares little explorers for everyday challenges in a playful way. HABA threading games are particularly good for developing hand-eye coordination, understanding of colors and shapes, and creativity. Important foundations are also laid for logic, concentration, fine motor skills and spatial/visual imagination. Particularly when playing goes beyond free threading and is connected with stories and other small tasks there is development of dexterity and patience. Threading piece by piece teaches children important motor, cognitive and social core competencies that they can fall back on over and over again. 

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Always threaded well


We are and will remain passionate about wood, with all its shapes, variations and features. As with all our products we naturally ensure the highest levels of quality and sustainability when manufacturing our threading games. We don’t see the constant diligence in production as an obligation but rather as a matter of course. Inspection of materials in all our production steps therefore goes well beyond the legal requirements. This means that each of our items is sustainable and gives customers a feeling of safety.

Game ideas and combination options for threading games


Threading games give babies and toddlers developmental stimuli. As they grow, so too does their love of experimentation and challenges. Just as well that HABA threading games are perfect for combining! Little combination artists can start by connecting various threading games with each other. The new options stimulate creativity! If that’s not enough then you can also find more development companions for the next learning stage with HABA pegging games and HABA building blocks.