Titus Tentacle: Fun for the whole family – octopus style

At some time in our life, we will all have dreamed of finding a valuable gold treasure on a desert island and becoming wealthy beyond imagination.

An extremely tempting prospect, as the pirate monkeys from the HABA game Titus Tentacle would agree. And although they are seasoned treasure hunters, they are faced with a very special challenge this time – one that is bright red, massive in size and equipped with nimble tentacles. Titus Tentacle is not prepared to give up his treasure without a fight. That’s why the pirate monkeys have to pursue special tactics: they sail carefully around the giant octopus to reach the precious gold. But when Titus Tentacles sees what they are up to, he quickly lashes out with his octopus arms and wreaks havoc among the pirate ships. A fair amount of luck is required to get hold of the gold coins on the island.

Titus Tentacle by game designer Leo Colovini is a contest for two to four players age 4-99 that will “bowl you over”.

The illustrations were done by advertising agency Paletti-Grafik which is run by two brothers, Heinrich and Peter Eberle. Their fresh comic style with lots of amusing details makes for a particularly lively game atmosphere.

You can download the instructions for the game here.


Game strategy – octopus style

With Titus Tentacle involved, excitement and good humor are guaranteed, because the simple rules ensure that the game moves along at a fast pace. The octopus Titus Tentacle has a central and dominant presence on the board in the form of a sophisticated 3-D module. After rolling the appropriate color, a player is allowed to press firmly on the head of the octopus and knock rival ships out of the sea. The tentacles shoot out of the 3-D module, sweeping aside everything in their path. This works with air pressure, so no batteries are needed.

There is a danger that the player might accidentally hit his or her own ships, so care must be taken to line Titus up on the opponents’ pieces. But even though a ship may be hit, it is still allowed to sail out from port once again. Consequently, no player is ever eliminated and everyone has an equal chance of collecting gold coins.


Crafts, baking and much more besides: Practical Titus Tentacle activities

For octopus fans who cannot get enough of Titus Tentacle, there is additional scope for using their creativity and imagination in the Do It Yourself section. Here you will find step-by-step instructions for quickly making a fantastic-looking Titus Tentacle penholder, or a straightforward recipe for baking delicious Titus Tentacle cookies

Really funny: The story about Titus Tentacles and the pirate monkeys for reading aloud.