Treasures and fellow guests for treasure hunters big and small

The right treasure for every treasure hunter


Now the long-awaited moment has finally arrived when the treasure chest is opened and its treasure is revealed. Most treasure hunters have a sweet tooth too and are happy when something sweet like gummy bears or gold chocolate coins comes to light. But after a quick snack, the kids quickly forget about sweet surprises. It is even nicer to give the children a pleasure that will remain in their memories. For example, the documents for Find the Code fit perfectly into the treasure chest. Simply use the HABA documents:

Treasure hunters' interests may vary depending on their age or gender. At HABA you can find the right souvenir for everyone.

Little Friends - Little dolls are a great game treasure


The little dolls and accessories from the HABA Little Friends series are great for children who love role play and like to invent their own play world with dolls. Just like the treasure hunters, they're smart and ready for any nonsense. They stimulate children's imagination and offer them plenty of freedom to put their own ideas into practice and role-play everyday experiences.

Terra Kids products – Surprises for adventurers and artisans


Of course, true treasure hunters are already ready for the next adventure. They go on expeditions outside where they can discover nature and explore their own abilities through play. Terra-Kids products are just right for that: The give-aways are practical aids for all outdoor friends and provide children with the right equipment for their experiments and trips. They just whet their appetite for exercise and fun in exploring and discovering.

Even more creative ideas for filling the treasure chest


Are your birthday guests more of a knobber, tinkerer or hobbyist kind? We have some great ideas for filling treasure chests for this too: What about, for example, some of HABA's exciting, funny and tricky card, can and souvenir games? This is the perfect place for brain teasers! If children are particularly fond of playing stores, the wide range of accessories from the HABA shop series are ideal. You can also find more ideas in the gifts section. Popular surprise gifts are qtickers, tattoos, motif punches or street chalks. Treasure hunters who like to paint, glue and cut are particularly happy with blank materials that they can use to make designs for themselves, like key rings or picture frames. Along with a photo of the shared treasure hunt it becomes an personal memory of the exciting treasure hunt.