Summer, sun, sand and sea - Turn the summer into an experience with children


Some people just can't wait until the sun shines high in the sky again and it's nice and warm outside. That's because it's not just the time for shorts, short-sleeved shirts and summer dresses, but also for an excuse to go to the beach, pool or lake. As the water draws your attention with its refreshing coolness, the sand is just waiting to be transformed into spectacular sandcastles. Shared experiences are important for family bonding, as they often provide a break from stressful everyday life and offer everyone the opportunity to relax and recover. So: Go ahead! In order to make sure you don't leave your good mood behind, we've come up with a few tips to help you pack what you need in advance.

Sun, sand and sea - the beach is simply beautiful

The crashing of the waves, the sound of the seagulls, the salty air and the soft sand: There's a lot for children to discover at the beach. It's no wonder, then, that they can't wait to park the car, unload everything and find a nice place to set up the parasol or beach tent. But before the children can cool off with their colorful flotation devices or be the first to build a sandcastle, there's one thing to remember first: Sunscreen!

Sand has a magical attraction for children, especially at the beach. There's sand as far as the eye can see here - ideal conditions for building sandcastles. So it's important to be able to find the bucket, spade and sand toys quickly and get to work. Shovel the sand away, dump it over in another spot and flatten it down with the spade. Building doesn't just require the skill of an industrious sandcastle-builder, but it will also put your patience to the test, because not everything can be built at the same time. Once the foundations are up, then it's time to decorate it using shells and stones and build a deep moat in order to create the sandy structure.