Unicorn Glitterluck and Her Friends – Adventures in Cloud Country

Welcome to the home of our cute unicorns! The Glitterluck and her friends Stardust, Marvel Flower and Magic Swirl live in faraway Cloud Country. They live in Cloud Castle, which is in the middle of a very big cloud park. There are lots of different types of flowers growing there, along with hedges and bushes which are perfect for playing hide and seek. 

In the middle of the park is a large cherry tree. That’s Finni’s favorite place. Who is Finni, you might ask? Finni is one of the bunnies with magic wings who also live in Cloud Castle. Finni is always coming up with something fun to do, which is why the unicorns like him so much. Finni and his three bunny friends help Glitterluck, Stardust, Marvel Flower and Magic Swirl comb their long manes. They also help bake and decorate delicious muffins, not to mention joining in all their unicorn games.

The friends love to play hide and seek in the cloud garden, have a picnic under the cherry tree, or slide down one of the many rainbows in Cloud Country. The unicorns also love to collect the mysterious, glittering pink cloud crystals that have magic powers.

What other adventures do Glitterluck, Stardust, Marvel Flower, Magic Swirl and Finni have? That is a surprise! First, let us introduce you to them.


Unicorn Glitterluck

Glitterluck has a rosy coat and pink mane. She has lots of fun ideas, just like the bunny Finni. The two friends are always happy and having fun. Glitterluck thinks of new things to do every day and loves playing in the cloud garden more than anything. When she gallops across the meadow her mane flows elegantly in the breeze. Glitterlucks’s friends appreciate her ability to comfort them when things go wrong. Whether rainy weather puts a damper on hunting for cloud crystals or one of her friends has a bad dream, Glitterluck cheers them up in a trice, and soon has her friends laughing again.


Unicorn Stardust

Stardust’s coat glimmers like the stars in the sky, yellow and golden. Nothing fazes her. If any of the friends need help, she is there as quick as a flash. The others really appreciate that! Stardust is also very strong, and is happy to carry the picnic basket to the cloud garden. Stardust is naturally optimistic and can be heard humming little songs to herself the whole day. Her friends like Stardust’s lovely voice: When she sings lullabies at night everyone falls asleep quickly.


Unicorn Marvel Flower

Marvel Flower has a purple coat. She is extremely creative, and bakes the very best muffins in the world. Sometimes Marvel Flower is shy and too timid to join in the wild games that Glitterluck, Stardust, Magic Swirl and Finni play. She prefers to watch and cheer them on. And if someone gets hurt, she comes running to help. Her friends love her imaginativeness. Every night, Marvel Flower thinks up a new bedtime story to tell her friends before they go to bed.


Unicorn Magic Swirl

Magic Swirl’s coat and mane shimmers in various shades of turquoise. She is a veritable whirlwind! She gallops faster than anyone over the meadows in the cloud garden, jumps farthest over cloud mountains and slides wildly down rainbows. Sometimes Magic Swirl gets carried away by her wild nature and has been known to tip over the plate of muffins at a picnic or even fall into the pond. But her friends love Magic Swirl because she always finds a solution to any problem quickly and has lots of fun ideas.


Bunny Finni

The little bunny is quite cheeky. He bubbles over with fun ideas, plays all kinds of tricks on the unicorns, and is up for any game. In the summer, he loves to fly up high into the cherry tree to pick the best and juiciest fruit. Naturally, when Glitterluck, Stardust, Marvel Flower and Magic Swirl frolic in the clouds, you can be sure to find Finni right there with them. Finni can hide better than anyone else, but that’s not surprising - he is also much smaller than the four unicorns.

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