Wildly good tips for a farmyard-themed children’s birthday party

Country life, with its closeness to nature and animals, fascinates people of all ages. And for real farmyard fans, the best way to celebrate their birthday is with a farmyard-themed party. The children dive into an exciting fantasy world, escape from everyday life and can simply enjoy being children. Or animals, of course, because what would a farmyard-themed birthday party be without dress-ups? Whether as a farmer or a farm animal – the themed party is even more fun with face-paint and costumes. HABA has put together a practical guide so that the children’s birthday party is also easy for parents.

Everything sorted for a party in the countryside


Birthday children often count down the days to their big celebration for weeks beforehand. Use this energy and involve your child in the planning and organization of the celebration. This will mean that everything will be just as they want it – from the invitations to the food. As recommended in the HABA children’s birthday party checklist, you should design and distribute the invitations 2 or 3 weeks before the farmyard-themed party. Use the HABA children’s birthday party farmyard template invitation and ask your guests to dress up to match the theme.

> Download invitation cards (pdf)

> Download HABA children’s birthday party checklist (pdf)

Decorating and baking is also very easy and gets farmyard fans excited for the big day! A good base color for decorations is green, just like a lush field. Colorful pennant chains, maybe with writing, are a good way to pep things up. As a classic decoration, you can’t leave out colorful balloons! Even better if they light up in the evening! Streamers are perfect for winding around chairs, and confetti on the table looks very cheerful. More tips for how to make the children’s birthday party child’s play, in the true sense of the word, can be found in our big children’s birthday party countdown.

Cutlery, plates or breakfast boards from the tractor tableware set, as well as many other cool animal Farm products are attention grabbers. Farm sweet-tooths are sure to be particularly happy if a delicious tractor cake or colorfully decorated carrot muffins await them. And so that little guests remember to drink amongst all the celebrating and eating, each one of them has a lovingly designed tumbler tractor full of water, spritzer, milk or cocoa.

Invitation cards
Invitation cards

Tractor-strong game ideas for a wildly cool celebration


The first guests can take their place in the Play Tent Tractor. With its giant wheels and rotating steering wheel, it invites everyone to go for a spin “around the field”. And just like that, the children are absorbed in country living role playing. Then the gifts are unwrapped, and the costumes admired. As soon as it’s clear who in the farmer, the cow or the chicken, the playing fun can begin: In nice weather this is best played in the garden or on a large field. In the fresh air there’s space for a round of blind man's bluff, guess the plant, competitive flower watering or a spectacular wheelbarrow race. Sack racing also creates a lively atmosphere as a children's birthday party game. A guaranteed hit for outside, or inside if the weather is bad, is competitive stacking or a sweets treasure hunt with the Stacking Cubes On The Farm. Small farmyard animals from the HABA Little Friends range can also be hidden under the cubes. The highlight: The player who finds Rabbit Hoppel, Piglet, Hen, Rooster, Goose or Duck and makes the appropriate noise can take the play figure home. Then the only thing missing is a fun game of musical chairs – and the farmyard animals turn into fun, dancing party animals!

Savory snacks for hungry farmers once the work is done


After so much farmyard playing, everyone is sure to be hungry and thirsty. Just as well the fun bowls from the HABA tractor tableware set are already full of snacks that match the farmyard theme – colorful vegetable sticks of delicious cucumber, pepper and carrot. The cow provides creamy baked cheese for dipping, the chicken provides chicken nuggets, and where do the delicious fries come from again? From potatoes of course! Every farmyard party guest knows that! Drinks are enjoyed from the Tumbler Tractor. If filled with sweets, these tumblers can be a very special party bag filler. At the end of the party everyone can agree: There was a lot going on at the farmyard birthday party!

Anyone who has enjoyed one themed party is sure to look forward to the next one. Why don’t you let yourself be inspired by our brand new, hot ideas for a fire brigade birthday party?