With dolls as their friends, every child can be delighted


Playfully Discover Everyday Life with HABA Dolls

Children are fascinated with everyday life from a young age and integrate it into their play. Dolls are the natural choice. Dolls from HABA are particularly well suited for this:

  • Their mischievous facial expression has been embroidered using strong thread.
  • The dolls can sit up straight because their fabric bodies are filled with polyester wool that easily retains its shape and makes the dolls nice to cuddle. 
  • Their soft hair is made from Chenille, so it can be gently finger combed and styled.

The perfect next step after the HABA fabric dolls are the equally cuddly HABA play dolls with head and limbs made of vinyl.

There are a wide variety of dolls available, so there’s something for every child: Soft fabric dolls, cute baby dolls, and lifelike play dolls.

Baby Dolls to Cuddle and Spoil


Many children enjoy playing out everyday family situations. Mother-father-child games are one of their favorites. HABA baby dolls make wonderful play partners and encourage children in their development. They are light and easy to carry, plus their bodies are soft which makes them perfect to cuddle, love and care for. This encourages empathic behavior through play. The wide array of accessories makes role-playing many different everyday situations easy. Whether the doll needs to be fed, its diaper changed, or tucked in at night, little ones can fully immerse themselves in their role-playing.

Soft and Cuddly Friends all Through Childhood

HABA dolls are cherished by children and let their hearts skip a beat. Whether Milla, Annelie, Jil or Wiebke, each doll can be a soft and cuddly friend for their entire childhood. They can be blondes, brunettes or redheads, wear a skirt or overalls, it really is up to you.

Your Doll is What it Wears


The dolls are very entertaining to play with as they can be dressed up in a variety of outfits. Various clothing sets provide variety in the doll wardrobe and many hours of imaginative fun. Whether you're looking for sportswear or winter clothing, indoor or outdoor clothing, HABA clothes sets have the ideal outfit for every situation, so your doll is always dressed appropriately. Different clothing lets the doll slip into new roles over and over again. In combination with the large selection of HABA play sets, there are no limits set on children’s imagination. For example, doll parents can give their protégés a school bag and send them off to school or put them in a bathing suit for a vacation. This lets children playfully explore everyday life and spend lots of time with their favorite dolls, who become true friends for life!

Horse-powered Doll Games


Little doll friends are also enthusiastic riders. They love nothing more than looking after the cute stuffed horse Leopold. The coat has to be brushed, the hooves cleaned, and the bridles fitted, then we can start! The cute Foal Whirlwind wants to come along too and accompany the big horses on a ride. Together we go over hill and dale, through fields and forests until we stop for a rest at a small stream. After the great ride, our faithful four-legged friends are brought to their stable and fed fresh hay and crunchy carrots. They’ve earned it!

Dolls Out and About


What about taking the dolls out for a stroll in our famous doll pram? A design classic, it is still as elegant and pedagogically valuable as it was in 1975, the year in which it was created by HABA's former chief designer Horst Dwinger. With a matching mattress, pillow and blanket, the little doll children lay cuddled up and can be pushed around the whole house in the pram. But the wonderful doll pram is a real eye-catcher outside as well. In the garden, the park, or on other outings, children proudly show off the pram and attentively look after the dolls in it.

HABA also offers doll carriers for modern doll parents. The doll can be laid in the carrier, covered up and taken anywhere.

Dream Home for Dolls

HABA dolls naturally love cuddling up in the arms of their doll parents. And then it’s time to get in their very own bed! HABA doll furniture means that they have everything they need. Their own wardrobe, for example, offers plenty of space for the various clothes sets. And their own chair at the doll table means that they can really make themselves comfortable! The Tulip Dreams doll furniture offers plenty of inspiration for how a real doll dream home might look.

Almost Like Real Life

When children play with the play dolls Clea, Elisa, Matti and Milou it often has a surprising effect – children quickly see themselves reflected in the lifelike HABA dolls. That’s because the soft doll bodies, with head and limbs made of vinyl, are designed based on the proportions of a child's body. This makes the HABA play dolls perfect play companions for children from 3 years.

Naturally Personal!

Cari, Mali or Matze – all HABA dolls naturally come with their own cute names. Some of them even show off their names! Whether on a dress or shirt – individual embroidery gives the dolls an even more special charm. Naturally the cuddly play companions are also happy if they can use the name of their doll mom or dad. And there are also customizable accessories for the customized dolls. This gives sleeping bags, carrier bags etc. a wonderfully personal touch.