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Kindergarden age 3-6


Children ages 3-6 are one thing more than anything else - curious!

Their thirst for knowledge is virtually limitless and their favorite question is “Why?”, so it’s good if the furniture in the group room allows for this dimension. Furniture that can be adapted to children’s changing needs, providing optimum flexibility, and that you can test out in many different areas - searching and experimenting, building and playing, gymnastics and climbing, learning and laughing, painting and dreaming ... HABA furniture concepts provide the right solution for all of your children’s needs.

Room Concept

Here little explorers are right at home


The new grow_upp room concept from HABA features a perfect interplay of unusual furniture, harmoniously integrated accessories, and exclusive wall colors.
These exemplary pieces of furniture and add-ons were developed with great attention to detail, feature an appealing design, and ensure an always exciting play and discovery experience.

Partition Walls

Creating separate areas


Partition walls structure rooms, distinguish and connect at the same time. Cleverly combined, they can be used for role play, a cloakroom for the costumes, a shop, a theater, or as a sound insulation.
Create separate areas in the group room for playing, building, reading, painting and eating. Partition wall cupboards that provide sufficient storage space for play equipment are excellent for dividing rooms. When combined with partition walls, they can create stimulating play corners.

Mobile Furniture


Everything in the move.upp range is fully coordinated - cupboards, chairs and tables - each in many different heights and colors. This means that you can design the group room to suit your wishes, requirements and imagination. move·upp furniture can be flexible if required -  the adjustable casters are ideal for anyone that works in open groups or with different concepts and wants to adjust their areas to the range.

Cabinets / Shelves

Playful Ideas for the nursery


Cabinets and shelves are important for storing materials and activities. Combine storage, utility and design. For children, cabinets themselves are not interesting unless their content is exciting.
Forminant features cabinets and elements with designs that awaken curiosity and inspire imagination: as an archway, a cottage, or with alternating open compartments.

Explore and Experiment

Children love nothing more than exploring the world around them and, as they do so, unravelling the mystery of everyday life. This is down to their innate curiosity and their virtually unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Neurological studies show that the foundations for an interest in mathematics and technology can be laid in early childhood, which is an opportunity that should be grasped.

The Discovery Tower – the mobile research corner


When fully opened out, the discovery tower offers lots of room for experimentation, and when the tables are folded, it can be moved into a corner to save space. The tower’s many details arouse children’s curiosity, and offers almost unlimited options for exciting scientific projects.

Mobile water and sand table for indoors and out


This table has plenty of space for water, sand, imagination, curiosity and the spirit
of discovery, whether it is inside or out. The table is easy to move outside due to the
4 sand and waterproof, swivelling casters.


Book Castle


Children love books, because they allow them to experience -emotions. They stimulate their creativity and imagination.
Books are a major contributor to healthy intellectual and
spiritual development.

Shelf Unit Rudolfo


This shelving system features colored acrylic back panels and versatile options. The basic and add-on shelves can be combined depending on how much room is available or how much storage space is needed.
Straight-line or curved shelf walls can be created. Colored acrylic back panels are especially attractive. By using different heights – in rooms with sloped ceilings – interesting effects can be created. If space requirements change, the shelving can be easily rearranged or expanded, and additional acrylic back panels or shelves can be installed. Thanks to a depth of 13 ¾“/35 cm and flexible arranging
of the shelves, books and binders can also find a good home here.

Wardrobe System

YUNA- a Wardrobe System


Light and ”dressed“ in inviting natural birch, it greets little and big ones alike. A cozy atmosphere settles all around. Harmoniously coordinated so that everything can be easily organized. Three heights from toddler to the school age. There are many elements such as the wall wardrobe, dressing aids or cabinets. They are coordinated with other furniture in terms of their dimensions and visual -apperance. YUNA links systematic furniture with a fresh charm.


Playing, climbing, gymnastics, charging about and balancing – it's all about fun


The GEMINO+ play landings are ideal for anyone who wants to make high rise constructions; build on top and store the building blocks underneath. When the stacking fun is done, put some cushions and covers on the landing to make it into a cozy cuddly corner. Nursery children love role playing games, so a play house is just the thing - Mountaineering adventures on the top and cooking in the dolls’ kitchen underneath - no problem with GEMINO+!

GEMINO+, the room building system from HABA, creates more play space for even more fun.  Here you can find various play houses for crèche and nursery - With or without slides, play landings at various heights, with climbing walls or integrated playhouses, motor skills elements or wooden appliqué - make your dreams come true.

Outdoor Play Structures

Terramo Philosophy


The colors and shapes that we find in nature are an endless source of inspiration. If you
let them guide you, you can create your outdoor space into a setting for children to experience.
Terramo has a natural design where the elements work with nature and seek closeness to it as the master of design.
As in nature, Terramo has few right angles and avoids symmetry as much as possible
- a spider’s web and a green meadow are naturally beautiful, because the individual components are similar, but never exactly
the same.