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Material & Environmental Protection


We use real wood to improve the quality of life & create a healthy room climate!

What is veneer?

Veneer is a layer of wood cut or peeled off a tree trunk. In the process, the trunks are boiled for 48 hours to make the wood, and the bark is removed. A log is then spun around its own axis against a cutter bar that sheers a thin continuous sheet of veneer off the log layer by layer. The roll of veneer is then separated into thin individual sheets. Veneer can be manufactured from more than 200 types of wood. Veneer allows for the most economical use of wood, a valuable resource. Enough veneer for the furniture for 16 bedrooms can be created from one cubic meter of wood! The shavings and other waste products from the manufacturing process are made into particle board or used in the production of energy. Veneer made from wood grown by sustainable forestry is a raw material that is renewable and saves resources. Did you know: Plywood is also made of veneer. A wooden board made from a number of layers of veneer glued together is called plywood.

Plastic veneers / wood veneers

A lot of furniture is labeled “beech finish”. This type of finish is not real wood, but a wood imitation that often cannot be distinguished from real wood. Using photochemical or other technical processes, a simulated wood grain is transferred to a plastic surface. You can only be sure you are getting real wood if you see the veneer label!


HABA takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. That’s why environmental protection has been a major part of our company policy for years. We were the first toy and furniture manufacturer in Germany to undergo an environmental audit and have been committed to continuous environmental management in accordance with DIN ISO 14001. We actively protect the environment in all phases of production - We use environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and we are constantly working on improving our techniques, to protect people and the environment.