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School age 6-18


In schools,

the quality requirements that need to be met by all of the equipment in classrooms and practical rooms are high. Primary and secondary schools often have different needs, but there are some points where their paths do cross; the furniture should look good for many generations of children and serve all its purposes well. The furniture should suit the teaching concept of the establishment and meet the needs of all age groups. You’re on the safe side with HABA, because we can provide the perfect solution for every room.



You want to equip your classrooms so that they’re functional, attractive and timeless - move•upp from HABA is the right equipment concept for all school rooms. You can find lots of clever solutions for recreation rooms and practical rooms, craft and art rooms, music rooms and laboratories. The wide selection of different cupboard, shelf and table shapes suit all age groups.

Classroom / Office / Staffroom


Forminant cupboards bring color and order to the classroom. With Timmy you can find the right cupboard for every school room - from cupboards with material and property boxes to large, spacious cupboards that are ideal for storing art materials, musical instruments and games. Makes tidying and organizing child’s play.



Use the accessory elements to design storage room, presentation areas and reader spaces. A book wagon for browsing, a slanted shelf and the glass case make an excellently sorted treasury of books.

A real library for little rooms: simply fold out the shelves to access the books.

• Solutions for small and large rooms
• Frame made out of solid beech – open or with a colored decorative panel
• Insert shelves with whiteboard strips you can write on
• Solid wood bars prevent books from falling down
• Two heights: 61 ¼“, 155.6 cm or 78 ¾“, 200 cm

Tables and Chairs


Tables and chairs must be -ergonomic – to meet the natural requirements of children. They must all work together to allow correct sitting posture. The DIN standard takes the body -dimensions of children and young people into consideration in its seat and table heights.

Wardrobe System

YUNA – a Wardrobe System


Light and ”dressed“ in inviting natural birch, it greets little and big ones alike. A cozy atmosphere settles all around. Everything is harmoniously coordinated so that everything can be easily organized. Three heights from the toddler to the school child. There are many elements such as the wall wardrobe, dressing aids or cabinets. They are coordinated with other furniture in terms of their dimensions and visual apperance. YUNA links systematic furniture with a fresh charm.

Climbing and balancing indoor ...


Children need movement. The hand bridge path was  developed in cooperation with experts based upon ideas from real-life practice for real-life practice.
Swinging from one grip to another, pulling themselves up on the climbing rope or testing their strength for hanging on – the wide range of activities challenge their bodily motor system. Children have to figure out their own individualized technique to overcome a climbing goal.
The hand bridge path is a unique device system -solidly mounted where all of the elements can be combined any way.


For hand bridging at any time
• Can be mounted on the wall
• Set up once and can be used again and again
• In gymnasiums and movement rooms
• In hallways and entry/waiting/day rooms
• At school playgrounds
• For all age groups from kindergarten age

... and outdoor

Terramo „Mikadodo“ course


Mikadodo is all about the challenge of balancing, climbing, risk and adventure, but at first glance it doesn’t look like a climbing wall, balance beam or a highboard. Curious children can keep climbing their own path on the Mikadodo course. There is no wrong or right and, most importantly of all, big or small, only children who try it out for themselves can find their way through the jungle, training their muscles and physical coordination as they go.