Kullerbü – Ball Set Farm Animals

  • farm animal ball set for even more roly poly fun
  • a perfect supplement to the Kullerbü – Ball Tracks Skittle Farm (305414) and Hen Domino (305396) or the Sound Play TrackFarmyard (305397)
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Product details
Today is a busy day! The roly poly friends Carla the cow, Miri the cat, Simon the pig, Selma the sheep and Fannie the horse finally want to roll off on a new adventure! Who's coming?
1 ball Carla the cow, 1 ball Miri the cat, 1 ball Simon the pig, 1 ball Selma the sheep, 1 ball Fannie the horse.
Effect: no information
Product weight: 0.12 kg
Height: 4.6 cm
Diameter: 4.6 cm
Width: 4.6 cm
Length: 4.6 cm
Age to: 8 years
Age from: 2 years
Number of parts: 5
Material: Beech
Item no. 306020