Kullerbü – Play Track Open Road – Loading Crane!

  • multi-functional loading crane that can grab any Kullerbü ball
  • big construction site adventure for little Kullerbü fans
  • perfect for combining with Kullerbü – Play Track At the Construction Site (303081) and Kullerbü – Complementary Set Curves & Friends (303051)
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Product details
Watch out, some building rubble has rolled over the track! The loading crane needs to get to work quickly to get the building rubble ball out of the way. The crane can be moved in any direction! The crane operator can easily capture all runaway balls within reach of the dump truck to keep the construction site organized.
1 loading crane, 1 construction site backdrop, 1 intersection, 8 straight tracks, start block, 1 turntable switch, curve, curve (30°), 3 columns, 1 wavy curve, 3 exit ramps, 2 start ramps, 1 backdrop clip, 2 step curves, ball, 1 ball building rubble, 1 ball Builder Ben, 1 ball-convertible, 1 dump truck, 1 storage box, 21 connecting elements.
Product weight: 2.9 kg
Age to: 8 years
Age from: 2 years
Number of parts: 54 units
Material: Beech (Real wood), Birch (Plywood), Polypropylene (Plastic), ABS (Plastic)
Item no. 305783