Kullerbü – Theme Set Fire Department Hammer House

  • fantastic complement to the Kullerbü Play Track Fire Station (304847) and Sound Play Track Fire Alarm (304830)
  • also perfectly suited to free play
  • fosters capacity to react and fine motor skills
  • great gift idea for a birthday or anytime
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Product details
When there is a fire in Kullerbü, the fire department is quickly on hand, and the word is “Water on!” The water ball rolls down the ramp and lands on the roof of the hammer house. When it is tapped there with the hammer down through the red ring, it races onto the straight track to overturn the fire blocks in no time and extinguish the fire.
1 hammer house fire department, 1 straight track, 1 column, 1 hammer, 1 start block, 1 exit ramp, 1 start ramp, 1 momentum ramp, 2 fire blocks, 1 ball Water, 4 connecting elements.
Product weight: 0.645 kg
Number of parts: 15 units
Age to: 8 years
Age from: 2 years
Material: Beech, Plywood, Plastic
Item no. 304850