My First Ball Track – Large Basic Pack

  • non-slip ball track fun: connecting blocks with pivots stabilize the tracks
  • three exciting effect balls
  • includes instruction leaflet
  • can be combined with the HABA ball track
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Product details
Things start turning for all small master architects; pure shift-free ball track fun! The colored connecting blocks come with pivots that easily lock into place on the bottom of the ball track pieces. This makes constructing easy and ensures the track stays in place even if the little constructors bump against it. Includes three exciting effect balls that glitter or ring as they roll. As the builders grow older the first ball track can easily be enlarged with any of the HABA Ball Track sets.
4 ramps, 8 curves, 12 colored connecting blocks, 3 domino blocks, 3 effect balls.
Age from: 1.5 years
Product weight: 2.926 kg
Number of parts: 30 units
Material: Beech
Item no. 007042