My Very First Games – Little Creepers

  • place Fiola in the light and she'll glow in the dark!
  • three preschool beginner's games
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Look! There’s something glowing! Caterpillar Carlo stretches upright and discovers Firefly Fiola landinga few leaves ahead of him on the leaf path. He would so love to play with her…who has enough good luck to get the little caterpillar to his firefly friend before Fiola reaches the end of the path and flies away?
1 Firefly Fiola, 1 Caterpillar Carlo, 1 die, 1 flower, 12 leaves, 1 set of instructions.
Authors: Tim Rogasch
Illustrators: Christine Faust
Game type: dice game
Game instructions language: Italian
Age from: 2 years
Number of players up to: 3 persons
Game duration from: 5 min
Number of players from: 1 persons
Material: Wood, Cardboard
Item no. 303639