Welcome to the world – Beautiful gifts for newborns!

Two of the most joyful events for gift-giving are the birth of a baby and baby’s Christening. Often, though, family, friends and those eager to give gifts are often at a loss over what to give. What could the new parents need for their baby? Which products are optimally designed? Which toys realistically appeal to a baby just a few weeks or months old? To Answer these questions and help make your decision much easier, we have filled this newsletter with a selection of our popular, cheerful and colorful gift ideas for baby’s birth and Christening. You will also read more about HABA’s commitment to quality and safety.


HABA Frog Collection

Small, green and grinning from ear to ear, they immediately recognizable HABA frogs. Whether made of wood or fabric, as a toy or decorative baby accessory – HABA frogs are a joy to all tiny ones, bringing good cheer day in, day out.

HABA Butterfly Collection

The adorable HABA spring and dream butterflies enliven all children’s rooms. Both play figure and teether cuddly include many optic, acoustic and haptic features to stimulate baby’s sense and inspire discovery. And the Mobile musical box Dream butterfly draws budding explorer’s eyes, while its gentle melody guides them tenderly to the land of dreams.

Rainbow Collection

Fresh colors, so varied and brilliant like a true rainbow are the special attractions to the HABA Rainbow Collection. Tiny babies are compelled by the mobile’s colorful rainbow spheres, automatically brightening the room. And the Rainbow teether cuddly perfectly combines a soft, snuggly side with a highly entertaining teething element, mirror, rattle and little bell, stimulating baby’s senses and creative fun.

Lucky Charm Collection

Everyone knows that four-leafed clover brings good luck. Just as lucky is the HABA red-capped mushroom with lots of lovely white dots. Together, clover and mushrooms bring luck and discovery inspiration to the smallest of children. In short, a perfect welcoming gift for new Earthlings.